Sit and go strategy

Caribbean Stud Tips

Want to play a little Caribbean stud? Do you feel like you lack a proper strategy? Not to worry, you can take those feelings and flip them in about 30 seconds when you realize that the best strategy incorporates a few simple rules.

Caribbean stud is not a complicated casino game. All too often, the biggest mistake players make is to over-think the action at the table.

When to Raise in Caribbean Stud

Once you receive the five cards that make up your hand, a few scenarios will dictate a raise. When you receive a pair or better in your hand, raise. When you possess an AK with a jack or better in your hand, you should also raise. 

Raise when you possess an AK and hold an identical card to the dealer's up card. When you possess an AK and the dealer's up card holds less value than your fourth highest value, raise. 

Though these tips won't guarantee a win, they will prolong your play and offer you better potential than playing on gut instinct in a game of chance. 

When to Fold in Caribbean Stud

You've probably figured out that you should fold any hand not worth raising. However, the process of folding deserves some explanation.  

If you have less than an AK, you shouldn't play the hand. The odds simply don't lie in your favor, even though you may possess the highest hand. It's not worth putting more money down when a simple AK will beat you. In the event that the dealer's hand doesn't qualify, you would win even money on the ante and your raise would simply push -- it's not a worthwhile risk. 

Don't play a hand based on what the dealer is showing. Play a hand based on your potential. 

Playing the Progressives in Caribbean Stud

For an extra dollar, you can place a side bet that will help you benefit if you're able to hit a valued poker hand. Different tables offer different payout ratios depending on the winning hand.  

While playing online, you'll want to find the best payouts available to maximize your progressive potential, in the event that you are to hit a monster hand. It may not happen often, but it certainly does happen.

Playing Free Caribbean Stud

If it is your first time playing, you might want to consider playing a couple of hands for free before you start playing at the real-money tables. You will make a lot of big mistakes the first times that you play, and if you play free Caribbean Stud you don't have to worry about your losses.