Sit and go strategy

Hey guys,

Great material on your website!
I use to be a break even play with the odd sight of profit, loose a few SnGs, go on tilt and shove my entire bankroll into the poker community.

I couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong at all.. Disipline is the MOST imp thing that I was lacking.

I was more than $950 in the red overall but was taking this with my chin up knowing poker is a game where you cannot win overnight. It takes time and investment. Anyway now I am only $257 down overall 1 week after reading the GOLD here!

I aim to hit the magical + within the next 7 days. If you would like a copy of my sharkscope for your website let me know. Or if you would like a copy once its in the +. No problem either way. I had 7/10ths of the game covered but you fixed a MAJOR hole in my game!

Many many thanks!