Sit and go strategy

Speed Sit and Go Ideas

A Sit and Go is not only a tournament for individuals who don't have the time or patience for a traditional large field tournament. It has its own characteristics and poker strategy. To become a successful player, you must learn how to adapt to the speed and the structure of a sit and go.

Most online Sit and Go's pay the top three places; some live Sit and Go's, as well as satellites where the prize is entry to a larger tournament, are winner take all.

A speed, or turbo Sit and Go quickens the pace even further. These Sit and Gos often have rounds where the blinds go up every five minutes, and you must act on your hand every fifteen seconds. They are lively, have a lot of action, and are usually completed in a fairly short amount of time.

The key to the speed Sit and Go is simple:

Act fast.

You can play a tight game for the first two or three rounds, as other players may be looking to push with any reasonable hand, and if you can find a few big hands in the first couple of rounds you may be able to collect a lot of chips.

Once the middle rounds are reached, which happens in a very short time, you'll need to be aggressive. The blinds go up so quickly that your chip stack is quickly dwarfed by them if you don't double up as soon as possible.

This way of playing is a lot less complicated than a winning cash games or multi-table tournament strategy. If you’re new to the game, it’s good to find decent poker bonuses and learn to play poker by the SNG-tables.

Any pot you enter in a speed Sit and Go is one you have to be prepared to go all in with. You will often be raised all in pre-flop, and if you are not, it is likely someone will put you in on the flop. Since you cannot wait for premium hands, you will have to make a determination based on your position and opponents as to which hands you can commit to.

Since players only have two choices: all in or fold, at least after the second or third blind level, it’s important to be the aggressor in the hands you decide to get involved in. The blind structure will eventually make all players short stacked, so when you raise you raise, you’re putting your opponents on decision for their entire stacks. If you give your opponents an opportunity to fold, you’ll gain an advantage.

Speed Sit and Gos are not only fun, but once you learn to handle the pressure of having to make big decisions fast, you will be better equipped to handle slower tournaments, both Sit and Go's and larger tournaments. A speed Sit and Go is a great way to play a poker tournament with a very limited amount of time, and to gain a lot of tournament experience very quickly.