Sit and go strategy

I love poker. I love everything about the game. I love the competition. I love the fact that you can play thousands of hands and each is unique. I love the all ins, I love … well you get the idea.

Poker is a great game that invokes many to play different types of strategies. Some are loose/aggressive, some are tight/aggressive some even change their strategy in the middle of a tournament. There are many different ways to play poker.

I don’t believe there is a ‘right way’.

My game of choice is the no limit freeze out sit n go tournaments. I have seen many different types of strategies deployed. I think each has its positives and negatives and each will win from time to time.

I’m of the opinion that you have to use different types of strategies at different times. To me, it all depends on how the other players are playing. For example, if a lot of the players at my table are pretty tight I may try to steal more blinds than I normally would. I may raise a little more often after the flop. In general I might be a little more aggressive to try and build my chip stack and take advantage of the ‘tight’ table. I think the word I’m looking for here is ‘flexible’. I don’t think you can pigeon hole yourself into playing only one way all the time.

Now, I don’t say any one way is wrong. I simply state that I believe a good way(and it has served me well)is to stay flexible and be able to switch gears at times, even in the middle of a tournament if you have to. You do what you have to win.

When playing online I have to wonder what some players are thinking when they make rude critical comments towards other players in the chat box. Some players tend to harshly criticize other players for making that bad call.

It was just a few nights ago and I was playing a 20 player no limit freeze out. We were down to six players on our table and everyone folded to the blinds. The small blind had roughly triple the chips the big blind had(who was the short stack incidently). The small blind waited for a moment, then went all in. The big blind hesitated but called. The small blind had 3 3 and the big blind had K J. Well, a J hit the flop followed by 2 bricks. After the hand the small blind started to criticize the big blind for making such a ‘bad’ call.

I’m not so sure it was a ‘bad’ call but that’s not the point here. The point is look at what the small blind is doing by making those comments. If you’re goal is to make money at playing poker then you want other players to make bad calls. If you have the better hand the majority of the times you go all in, then you will win more often then not. You won’t win all the time as you will fall victim to a suck out now and then. That’s why there are percentages besides hands in poker, no hand is 100% before the flop. Also when you make harsh rude comments toward someone you may find yourself not concentrating on your game like you should be and thus you might make some bad calls yourself !!

Me, I like, no, I love it when others make bad calls. I could always use the chips !! In the case above, the small blind went on to win the tournament, I finished 2nd, yippee ! The big blind didn’t even make the money. I would have loved to finish 1st of course but I am always happy to cash. The best policy if you are not sure what to say or are only steaming from a suck out, don’t use the chat box at all or if you’re live, say nothing.

I have to relate another instance that made me laugh. I was playing another 20 man tournament and I had just made it to the final table when I saw a comment in the chat box. Player A was calling player B a bleeping fish, only player A had 700 in chips and player B had 4100. I’m thinking, what is wrong with this picture ? It turns out that player B had just taken player A on an all in and player B hit the river. As it turns out neither player made the money !

As a player you should want others to make bad calls. Those bad calls give you information and more often then not, chips ! There are basic fundamentals to poker that I think everyone should adhere to but criticizing or being rude to another player for what you think is playing the ‘wrong’ way is, in effect, wrong in itself.

John Fava