Sit and go strategy

Sit And Go Poker Strategy Guide

Become A Regular Winner On The Sit And Go (SNG) Tables

Making money at an online casino is not easy.  Poker is one of those few casino games in which luck is not the only factor that will determine your success. Having a good strategy and mastering the relevant skills can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Making money is easy in this game but getting to heads up with a chip lead is another story. This website shows you how. Understanding basic poker strategy ideas are just the beginning of successful online poker play.

The key is to stay in control mentally. A good poker player needs to play his best game whether he has just taken three horrifying bad beats in a row or just won the biggest poker tournament of the night.

In addition, a keystone of this strategy is playing in the right poker room. Why pick the toughest places to play? Always pick the low lying fruit, stop playing with the sharks and ultimately you will become one!

There are other things to consider as well when trying to decide where to play. Game selection and traffic are key considerations when you play SNG's.

Be Prepared To Fold A Hand

You won’t win consistently at this game by trying to bluff people or play with sub standard hands. There are a time and a place for both of these plays, but they are the rarity rather than the norm.

The six-handed SNG is a very easy game to beat, and you are guaranteed to win if you stick to a pre determined strategy and stop being a bingo player. We do not mean this in a bad way, but playing poker and bingo are entirely different things.  Poker is not a game for people looking to sit back and "chill" while hoping to make an easy buck.  It is all about mastering a strategy and sticking to it. You should average around a 70% in the money for the six-handed SNG using this system.

You will need to average above 50% to be a break even six handed SNG player.

You will need to average around 35-40% ITM in a ten-handed SNG to break even.

So what is so magical about this shorthanded strategy?

There is nothing magical about it, and it is all based on solid play. It’s your attitude to your game that needs to change to become a winning player.

Once you get the right mindset, everything else becomes so much easier. So, first of all, let’s go through all the basics so that we can bring the beginners up to speed and make sure the old hands are doing the things that they are supposed to be doing.

Let’s start by examining our reasons for playing and our expectations

If you follow this SNG strategy, I guarantee you will become a winning player at the No Limit Shorthanded SNG tables